L Walls Sections

Precast Wall Sections

L Walls

Moveable, retaining concrete sections

Moveable, concrete retaining “L” walls have a wide range of uses, whether they are civil engineering projects or farm and factory storage.

“L”-walls not only make an easy, cost-effective and attractive alternative to standard fixed walls, but with their diverse and flexible uses, they also help to protect our environment. “L” walls are steel reinforced making them strong and robust.

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Product Features


Robust steel inner structure


Cast using an extra strong concrete mix


Fixing & lifting points placed in bottom of section during manufacture


Corner pieces available

Technical Specifications to follow


Our precast component manufacturing facility has the ability to output large quantities of L wall sections suiting a variety of size requirements. Contact our expert precast sales team today for more information or to place an order.

Typical Uses

Stand alone ‘L’ walls are ideal for several situations, including:


Civil engineering projects


Housing developments


Retail Parks


Retention of soil banks


Silage, compost and storage of agricultural products


Storage of building materials


Storage of recyclables and waste redistribution


Extreme contour driveways and gardens

Benefits of Using Precast ‘L’ Walls

Turleys L walls are designed to be portable allowing you use them temporarily and easily redeploy if required

Pre-fitted lifting and installation holes make the product easy to transport and install

Available in various heights

Less disruption during installation compared with traditional onsite construction methods

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