ResinBound Surfacing

Extreme Durability

ResinBond Aggregate Surfacing

ResinBonded Aggregate surfaces use either an epoxy or polyurethane resin to bind an aggregate to a hard surface. The final surface has the appearance of loose aggregate and is extremely durable.

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Resin Bond is a durable and cost-effective Resin Bond Aggregate surface and is  suitable for streets, parks & gardens, driveways and tree pits. ResinBond perfectly blends the practical with the beautiful and is:


Durable with a firm grip


Easy to maintain


Cost Effective


Colourful and varied textures

How is ResinBond used?

ResinBond System can be used to give an extremely durable aggregate coating to Paths, Drives, Car Parks and even Roads on macadam, asphalt and concrete. ResinBond can also be used to coat wood or metal for attractive non-slip finishes to Stairs, Decking and Footbridges and Disabled Access Ramps.

Aggregate Choice


ResinBond Systems can be used with most natural aggregates. We supply a range of resin colours appropriate to the different colours of aggregate. For instance, we supply a Buff Resin to go under pea gravel and a grey resin to go under Grey Granite.

Factors effecting choice are: colour, hardness, texture. Pathways can use all but the softest aggregates: drives will require pea gravels, granites or basalts which are more durable. Steep drives will require an angular aggregate to ensure good grip, whilst a drive likely to have children playing around, may require a rounded pea gravel.

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