Water Treatment Tanks

Concrete Advanced Water Treatment Tanks

Concrete Advanced Wastewater Treatment Tanks


Durable & Affordable


Have a High Effluent Quality


Utilise Natural Bacteria

Utilise the Latest Water Treatment Equipment

Fitted with the latest water treatment plant system


Turley’s waste water treatment system tanks are durable and easy to install and can be utilised in those areas where the percolation area of the septic system does not meet the filtration requirements in terms of soil porosity. An advanced water treatment system essentially comprises of a primary stage where the system utilises micro organisms to break down the sewage.


The system utilises micro organisms to break down the sewage very much like in a septic tank except that an electrically controlled advanced water treatment unit pumps oxygen into the treatment chamber, where the bacterial species break down the sewage under aerobic conditions.


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The water input into the treatment chamber is controlled by a power controlled siphon pipe to balance the sewage input and the aerobic degradation process. Waste water is initially received into the primary settlement stage, where the solid portion of the waste water settles down to the bottom.

The modern water treatment plant system fitted inside the concrete tank is protected by the robust concrete exterior.

Technical Specification
  • Certified to EN12566-3
  • 3400 Litre Capacity
  • 45 Newton Concrete
  • 5 Tonnes in Weight (including lid)
  • Can service up to 8 person home
  • Length 3490 mm
  • Width 1300mm
  • Height 1700mm (including lid)
  • Height to bottom on inlet 1310mm
99 % Specification Treatment Tanks

We have been awarded a 99 % BOD rating by PIA. This is one of the highest rating in Europe.

EN 12566-3 Certified Sewage Treatment System

The Turley Advanced Water Treatment System conforms to the EN 12566-3 standard.