Septic Tank Problems N.I

Septic Tank Problems N.I

Septic tanks Northern Ireland

Whilst we dont think about our septic tanks or water treatment tanks too much, whenever they start giving trouble, it can cause no end of misery to the homeowner. If toilets and sinks start backing up with sewage and your garden floods with sewage its extremely unpleasant and also very dangerous.

There are many reasons that your septic tank or water treatment can give trouble. Most issues involve plastic or fibreglass tanks and problems  range from tree root damage, ground movement, vehicular traffic damage, collapsed baffle, damage to pipework and tank floating due to excess rain.

Whatever the issue we can help.  If you have a problem you can contact us and we will send our engineers out to look at it. We have a team of qualified engineers with decades of experience in the waste water treatment and septic tanks sector. The will assess the tanks and report their findings back to you.

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