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Turley Bros have been manufacturing and distributing quality concrete blocks and bricks for over 50 years.

Our products are produced from a carefully controlled mixture of quality aggregates and cement to bring you a premier block, designed to the highest standards of dimensional accuracy.

When tested, Turley Blocks were found to have a very low absorption rate. The Drying Shrinkage affects the amount of shrinkage which takes place in panels of masonry. Values for Turley Blocks are typically less than 0.04%.


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High Capacity Block & Bricks Manufacturing Facility

Our concrete manufacturing facility, located in Newry, Co Down, is capable of outputting 40,000 blocks, in a variety of sizes and density, per day.

Concrete Block & Brick Sizes

Concrete blocks and bricks are available in a variety of sizes and density as detailed below. .

Concrete Blocks

440mm x 213mm x 96mm – 4″

440mm x 213mm x 138mm – 6″

440mm x 300mm x 98mm – 12″

350mm x 300mm x 98mm – short 12″

Soap Bars

440mm x 98mm x 98mm – 4″x4″

440mm x 138mm x 96mm – 6″x4″


213mm x 65mm x 100mm


Block & Brick Deliveries

All block and brick products are available ex-works.  We also provide nationwide delivery (based upon quantity).

Orders from the London area and S.E. of England are also welcome. Please contact our sales office for more information.

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