Water Harvesting Northern Ireland

Water Harvesting Northern Ireland

Water Harvesting Tanks

Our water harvesting tank are PIA certified and like the water treatment tanks we supply they are made from 45N concrete. So once installed they are there for life. We supply and fit the water harvesting tanks throughout Northern Ireland, Southern Ireland and also in England and Wales.

There is a big advantage of the concrete water harvesting tanks over the tanks made from plastic or fibreglass. Over the years with ground movement and water saturation, plastic tanks can move or even break. This will in effect make them unfit for purpose. You will also need a concrete base and concrete backfill when installing a plastic tank to hold it in place. So it important when choosing a water treatment tanks to ensure that its a precast concrete tank.

The tank we use is a 3400 litre tank. So it is more than adequate for a domestic house. You can use the water to irrigate your garden, flush your toilet and also use it for your washing machine. This can equate to a large proportion of you household water usage. If (and when) water rates do come into effect it will offer significance savings on your bill.

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