Liquid Floor Screed Northern Ireland

Liquid Floorscreed Northern Ireland

Liquid Floor Screed Belfast


We have just completed 230m2 of our Alpha hemi-hydrate liquid screed in a new building venture just outside Belfast. Turley Bros are the only company in Northern Ireland that can supply and fit alpha hemi-hydrate. Most other companies have to bring in sub-contractors to lay the screed. The main advantages of our liquid screed is the fact that you can walk on it after 8 hours and turn your heat on after 48 hours allowing you to start the drying process.

The Alpha Heim-Hydrate is ideal for underfloor heating. The screed is applied at much reduced thickness compared to sand and cement. The means that heat transfer through the screed it a lot quicker. You can read more on our liquid screed and download a brochure by clicking here. 


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