Waste Water Treatment Tank Donegal

Waste Water Treatment Tank Donegal

New Build Co.Donegal, Ireland

We recently delivered a waste water treatment tank to Donegal. We also supplied a pumping station and a percolation kit. Our crane lorry arrived on site and set the waste water treatment tank and the pumping station into place. He also left off all the pipe-work for the percolation area.

Our site engineer then arrived and connected and commissioned the tank and pumping station and he also assembled the percolation kit. The whole process was complete in one day and the client was delighted to have one company overseeing the entire process. We are one of the few companies that manufacture, deliver and commission water treatment tanks, pumping chambers and percolation areas.

If you have a new build in Donegal or anywhere throughout the North or South of Ireland please give us a call and we will give you a free no obligation quotation.

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